Announcement Regarding May 2020 Examinations

Imewekwa: Mar 21, 2020

Following the spread of Covid – 19 (Corona Virus pandemic), the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has taken various measures to control its wide spread in the country. One of these measures is to close down schools, colleges and universities. Since NBAA Examination Candidates are also part of this cycle, we are advising all Tuition Providers throughout the country to adhere to the Government’s directives of closing down all public gatherings.

You are advised to use alternative teaching methods such as on-line platforms and other distance learning teaching and learning approaches. Also advise candidates to make good use of the NBAA online learning materials to pursue their private studies as well as joining the Tuition Providers which have already started to conduct on-line review classes.

The Board shall be in touch regularly regarding the May 2020 examinations.