Announcement to ATEC, CPA(T) and CPA (T) Equivalent Expected Graduands - For October 2020 Graduation Ceremony

Imewekwa: Dec 31, 2019

The Board would like to inform all Candidates who sat and passed their ATEC/CPA (T) and CPA (T) Equivalent examinations in November 2019, that they are required to submit to the Board passport size photographs taken on a white background for processing their certificates.

The passport photos should reach the Board on or before 30th January 2020. Failure to that the certificates shall not be processed.

Kindly do the following:-

  • Go the photo point centre
  • Take your passport photo on a white background
  • Collect your passport photo in a soft copy (digital)
  • Send it to the Board via email to

When submitting your passport photo write the following in your email:

1. Your First Name

2. Your Initial(s) if any

3. Your Sur Name

4. Your Index Number

5. Your Examination Level: ATEC or CPA (T)

NB: Do not re-photo your pass port or take a photo by your mobile phone. Go to the photo shop (professional photographer) and take an original pass port photo.



30th December 2019