Seminar on Accounting and Governance Best Practices for Decision Makers, Morogoro


NSSF Commercial Complex, Morogoro


2019-11-06 - 2019-11-08


08:00am - 04:00pm


The National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) is pleased to invite you to a three days’ seminar on Accounting and Governance Best Practices

Ujumbe wa Shughuli

The objective of the Seminar is to provide an opportunity to participants to discuss, learn and share experiences and knowledge on accounting and governance best practices to better run organizations.

The following topics will be discussed in this seminar:

  • Introduction to Book of Accounts
  • IAS 1 and IPSAS 1 – Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Basic Consolidated Statements of Financial Position
  • Understand Notes to Financial Statements and main Financial Coefficients
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Cash flow Statements
  • Accounting and Human Resources Management
  • Internal Audit and Audit Committees: Pivot of Good Governance
  • Accounting for Management Decision-Making
  • Accounting Information for Key Stakeholders
  • Running an Effective Board and Governance Best Practices


Board members, Audit Committee Members, Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Senior Managers, Auditors, Accountants, Non - Accountant Officers and<

Ada ya Semina

Seminar fee is TZS. 450,000/= for payment made before seminar date and TZS. 500,000/= for payment made on and after seminar date


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