Learning Resources

Syllabi contents

The syllabi (technician and professional) have been prepared to provide guidance to trainers and candidates preparing for the Board’s examinations that lead to the award of Accounting Technician and Certified Public Accountant (CPA-T) qualification respectively.

The syllabi outline the number of subjects in each level and expected learning outcomes of each subject after completion of the training period. The contents provide detailed information on what is to be assessed in examinations.

Study Guides

Study guides are the learning materials that have been developed in line with the syllabi. These learning materials are used by students and tuition providers as the basis for providing guidance on what ought to be covered during the teaching and learning process. The study guides contain practical questions and case studies to enable candidates to conceptualize what they have learned. Study guides are provided to every candidate registered for examinations. The study guides are also available at NBAA Mhasibu Bookshop for public consumption.

The Accountant Journal

This is an accounting professional publication that is published semi-annually i.e. January-June and July-December. The accountant journal publishes research based papers that aim at increasing an understanding of the development of the accounting profession. The accountant journal has a wide readership that including accountants, auditors, tax consultants, economists, trainers, researchers and students. The accountant journal is managed by an Editorial Board which is formed by technical resource persons. The writing process is guided by the Editorial Policy.

Members of the public are encouraged to write researched papers in the accountant journal.

The Accountant Magazine

This is a quarterly magazine published by NBAA. The magazine publishes views and opinions that reflect an individual opinion on an argument with the aim of informing and sharing knowledge and experience among the stakeholders in the profession. Further, the magazine acts as a communication and promotion tool between NBAA, its stakeholders and the public about professional developments.

Question and Answers Booklets

These publications are produced by the Board at each examination level after end of each examination session. The purpose of producing these question and answer booklets is to assist students to get highlight on the structure and contents of the professional examinations. They guide students on how they ought to do in approaching the examinations.

Examiners’ Reports

Examiners’ Reports are produced by the Board after marking of the examinations. The report analyzes the candidates’ performance in each subject, they also identify the areas of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in each question. The examiners’ report gives recommendations to candidates, examiners and tutors for the purpose of improving performance in future examinations. Examiners’ report also shows institutional performance evaluation, accounting manpower created by the Board annually and cumulatively.