Temporary Associate Certified Public Accountant ( TACPA )

“Temporary member” means a person who is not a citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania; and who qualifies to be registered by the Board as such and has met the conditions stipulated for that registration.

A foreigner should fill in an application for registration of an accountant/CPA-PP form available in the website and attach the following:

  • certified copies of relevant certificates issued by a professional accountancy body of equivalent standing existing outside Tanzania;
  • name and address of employer to act as a referee;
  • Two professional accountants registered with Board (ACPA or FCPA) to act as referees;
  • proof of employment with a local employer;
  • two recent passport size photographs of the applicant;
  • proof of payment of the prescribed non- refundable application fees
  • sign an undertaking that upon registration, that person shall observe the provisions of the Act, By-Laws, Regulations and other Pronouncement in force; and not use the designation or designatory letters before being registered or after ceasing to be a registered member and,undertake to fully comply with the code of ethics and conduct issued by the Board

The Board shall, upon consideration of the application under this regulation, grant a successful applicant with a temporary registration certificate for certified public accountant, or as the case may be, certified public accountant in public practice.

After successful registration with the Board, the registered temporary member outside East Africa will have to sit and pass two conversion papers in local taxation and company law within two years after being registered, and on such other terms as the Board may, from time to time, determine.