Registration Procedures

Candidacy Registration

Prospective candidates wishing to register with the Board to sit for its examinations are required to fill in the Candidacy Registration Form. The form must duly be filled and submitted to the Board together with relevant certificates - academic and professional certificates, supported by transcripts and three colored passport size photographs taken on white background.

The Board has set Minimum Entry Requirements which will guide a candidate to determine examination entry point depending on prior qualifications obtained earlier.

Exemption Requests

The Board grants exemption on parts of its examinations. This exemption is governed by NBAA Exemption Policy. To qualify for exemption, a candidate has to fill exemption section in the candidacy registration form.

The application for exemption should be finalized before attempting a level for which exemption is sought. However, a registered candidate will be re-considered for exemption if submits a higher academic/professional qualification while attending Boards’ examinations.

For qualification obtained outside Tanzania, applicants are required to submit detailed syllabus and transcripts for the programmes undertaken. A candidate should submit request for exemption at least two months before the closing date of the examination session intends to sit for.

It is also important to show proof that the University or institution awarding that qualification is an accredited institution. Such a proof should be obtained from Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) or relevant professional bodies.

Closing date for Candidacy Registration

A prospective candidate may register any time during the year, however, there is a need to observe the dates one wishes to take the examination so as to lodge the application within the stated dates. However, the Board allows prospective candidates to register for candidacy and examination registration at the same time.

Closing dates for submitting the candidacy and examination registration forms is 15th February for the May Examinations and 15th August for the November examinations.

Late Registrations:

Applications received beyond closing dates are liable for a Penalty Fee.

Mode of Payment

Payments relating to Candidacy Registration or Exemption and other related fees should be made through NBAA Payment Portal


A registered candidate may be deregistered from Board as spelt out in the Examination and Training ByLaws.